420: Seattle Hemp Fest Part One

The Seattle Hemp Fest is held every year in three parks next to the cities waterfront.

This past weekend, over 100,000 visitors enjoyed music, food, checking out vendors, friendship, and many other activities.

During the festival, world-class speakers such as travel writing legend Rick Steves and many types of experts discussed issues around the 420 industry.

Visitors are treated to free admission to the festival that is manned by an army of volunteers.

The side entrance was the way to go
Getting a bird’s eye view of the Northern part of festival
Safety Patrol Member Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter has 18 years walking the beat at the festival. His tattoo of the epic event.
Ken Kesey’s bus?
Tacoma-based photographer prepping for a day’s work
Tacoma’s Off The Dome
Dope Magazine and website are must reads
420 Nurses Seattle Chapter Models
This band drew the early 10 AM gig
A little break before heading to the Southside of the fest

More information on the festival can be found on the Seattle Hemp Fest website.

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