Seattle Hemp Fest Part Three

Our final article on the 2016 Seattle Hemp Fest takes us to the booths of many innovative vendors.

With the explosion of the 420 industry in Washington, many vendors are positioning themselves to be industry leaders.

Interesting strain, dispensary, and 420 information site
Seattle-based 420 multi-media giant Leafly 
Mary Jayne Parties has an intriguing concept
Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop always drawing a crowd
Dabbabo produces awesome clothing and accessories
The ultimate smoking tool by Toker Poker
Can confirm Top Shelf is an amazing premium product with many recent field tests
Stoner Chick Brand offers a clothing line, and opportunities for 420 models
Much needed!!!
The most awesome bong ever…
Looking forward to the Evergreen Fest on Sept. 17th in Tacoma

A visit to the 2016 Seattle Hemp Fest was an incredible experience. Next year, Blazing plans on spending much more time documenting this event.

Please join our development as we cover both the Seattle and Pacific Northwest 420 scene.

Our goal is to visit dispensaries, festivals, events and other activities around the industry. We also will be covering products, strains and other facets of our beautiful plant.