Strain Review: Space Queen

Strain Basics

Space Queen is a cross between Cinderella 99 and Romulan that provides a nice hybrid high.

The strain is a 60/40 Indica-Dominant cross. It combines the racy Sativa heady effect of the Cinderella as well as the nice calming body high of the Romulan.


Space queen leads to a nice seedy head high with semi-grounded effects that gives the user a nice example of a full-throttle sativa dominant hybrid.

The high itself lasts fairly long and not as short lived as say, “Alien Asshat” (which is also a Sativa Dominant).

The body/indica side of this high is fairly rooted and doesn’t totally feel “Couch Locky”, but it’s slightly present.


Like being lost in a piney forest after a minor rain storm broke out that with that electric charge which purifies the air and wakes up your nostrils.

Granted my nug was fairly fresh at the time and that usually plays a big part in how potent it will smell.


Space Queen is super lightweight and fluffy.

The buds have no seeds, no drama and breaks apart super easy.

Beautifully speckled with shades of red throughout the bud.

The perfect strain to go along with being active.

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